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- Disc One And Two (Audio)      
- Disc Three (Video)      
01 Don't Pay The Ferryman (Live/Promo)      
02 Ship To Shore      
03 High On Emotion      
04 Lady In Red      
05 Borderline (Live)      
06 Say Goodbye To It All (Live)      
07 Tender Hands      
08 Missing You      
09 Sailing Away (Live)      
10 Spaceman Came Travelling (Live)      
11 When I Think Of You (Live)      
12 Patricia The Stripper (Live)      

Actors: Chris de Burgh
Format: Audio CD, DVD, Color, NTSC
Number Of Discs: 3
Format: Double CD + DVD
Language: English
Region: Region 0
Label: Universal
Release Date: 31 Oct 2005

Comments: 2007 reissue of a special package that includes a double CD combined with a DVD (NTSC/Region 0).

All sound clips, album covers, and photos scanned and/or taken from original CDs are copyright of Chris de Burgh and property of respective authors, artists and labels.


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