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We hope that you will find this website informative and a useful resource to find information you are looking for about Chris de Burgh such as biography, discography, lyrics, tours, news, etc. We have made every effort to make this site easy to navigate and usable for all visitors.

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 Few sections of the website are currently offline and still under construction but they will be online soon.

The following are some genertal information about each section of this website in order to assist you to find what you are looking for faster.

Biography - This page contains Chris de Burgh's biography. You may find some interesting information about Chris de Burgh on this page.

Discography - You'll find complete information about all of Chris de Burgh's albums ever released, including a cover photo, release date, track names, duration of each song, etc. You can also listen to a sample of all songs and may also access sources to buy Chris de Burgh's CD from online stores.

News - Gives you the latest news and information about Chris de Burgh, his activities and concerts, new songs and CDs, and much more.

Tours - You can find a list of concerts and tours that are currently scheduled. Also you can find a link or a phone number to purchase tickets for each concert.

Lyrics - You will find the lyrics of every single song ever released by Chris de Burgh in this section. All the songs are sorted in alphabetical order or by album.

Photos - On this page you will find many interesting pictures of Chris de Burgh's photos.

Media - In this section you will find ringtones (MIDI files), video clips, bonus tracks, books, and wallpapers.

Buy Online - On this page you will find links to several online stores that offer Chris de Burgh CDs and DVDs. Also you will find special offers such as discounts and free shipping, if you use the links located here in our web site.
  Notes - Here you'll find Chris de Burgh interviews and press release about his alubms. We will update this page whenever we receive new and interesting interviews.

FAQ - This part of the website deals with the questions that are frequently asked by many fans. You will find many interesting facts in this section.

eWorld - Click on your country name to meet our website's fans from your country! eWorld is meant to bring all the Chris de Burgh fans around the world together. If you would like to add yourself to our eWorld follow the instructions on our eWorld page.

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Links - Here you can find a list of links that will lead you to the most useful and popular Media Players and Applications in case you need to download and install them on your computer or simply upgrade to the latest version.

Guestbook - We'd appreciate it if you took a moment and signed our guestbook, and leave your comments and feedbacks. You will also be able to view what other visitors have said.

Contact - Here you will find several different e-mail addresses that will allow you to contact us.
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